Welcome to My Blog

I’ve just entered my second year living in Birmingham as a UoB Maths student. In my first year in Brum I discovered so many amazing restaurants, and often wished I could share my foodie experiences with others also looking for great places to eat in the city. Combined with my love of cooking, this pushed me to start my own food-related blog dedicated to reviewing bars and restaurants in Birmingham and sharing recipes I have tried out or created myself!

My Mum often visits me at university a few times each term, and we always spend the Saturday night devoted to our two favourite things – good food and cocktails, both of which are in abundance in Birmingham. All budgets are covered for from the four Michelin star restaurants we have in the area to more student-friendly establishments. But the quality of food (from my experiences) prevails at them all.

My favourite types of restaurants are those which are individually owned rather than part of a chain. It’s not that I dislike chain restaurants at all; in fact I am in love with Wagamama, Revs, Handmade Burger Co and my all-time favourite Italian restaurant is Prezzo (their sticky toffee pudding is to die for!), to name a few! But I love discovering a restaurant that is unique to the area, eating the most amazing food there, then sharing it with your friends!

For any foodie questions (be it a restaurant recommendation or a recipe query), contact me on my blog’s Facebook page or on twitter.

Thanks for visiting my blog! I hope you enjoy it and it improves your foodie experiences in Birmingham!


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