Revolution, Birmingham

On Monday night we celebrated my housemate Katie’s birthday at Rev’s. I love the food at Revs and have eaten here numerous times, yet many people are often surprised to learn that it actually serves food. The fact it’s half price food on a Monday makes it even better too…it means more money to spend on their fab cocktails!



I love the booth-style seating at Rev’s. It’s comfier, more socialable and great for celebrations when there’s a larger group. There’s always a chilled, relaxed vibe here and unlike many places, they don’t play the music too loud and so you’re still able to have a conversation without needing to lipread all night!


They’ve recently launched their new Autumn/Winter food menu. Like many restaurants, Rev’s have followed the new foodie trend of the year and undergone an American-inspired revamp with the main focus being around pulled pork served in various ways. (I only discovered pulled pork this year and fell in love with it, so this is great news for me!) Rev’s offer pulled pork in nine different ways; on a pizza, as a topping on one of their burgers, in a brioche bun sandwich, piled on top of fries, in a burrito, on a hotdog, or as one of the mini burgers in their sliders.

Naturally, this meant I had to sample some for myself. I have a bad habit of trying something on a menu once, loving it, and then having it every time I go. So on this occassion I decided to try something new and went for a Classic Burger topped with Pulled Pork, instead of my normal chicken pesto pasta dish that I have at every time at Rev’s (which is amazing!)


And I have a new favourite. The burger was A-mazing. Tender, flavoursome pulled pork topped a juicy, perfectly cooked burger served in a soft brioche bun which complimented the filling perfectly. I hate it when the burger to bun ratio is wrong and you get too much bread, but this was spot on. I can be fussy with coleslaw and have eaten so many bad ones in restaurants, but this one was creamy, tasty and one of the best I’ve eaten out.

Rev’s offer a great selection of vegetarian food too; my friends tried out the Moroccan bean and Sweet Potato Burger and the Margarita Pizza which they all enjoyed. The only problems that we had with the food were that one meal wasn’t delivered until five minutes after all of the others, and the inconsistent portion sizes of the fries, with some of us in the group being served only a small amount compared to others.




We decided to share two pitchers of one of my favourite cocktails Absolut Passion, a delicious blend of Absolut Mango vodka, Malibu, Cointreau, passion fruit and apple juice. I love this cocktail because it’s fruity and sweet with just the right amount of alcohol. Later in the night, we ordered more cocktails and I went for the Frozen Strawberry Daquiri – this has to be my all-time favourite cocktail, and if you’ve never tried one before then you need to! I’m just waiting for them to do it in some new flavours too!


Rev’s is the perfect venue for birthday celebrations as the cocktails are amazing and the food is consistently good. I also like that they don’t rush you to order, eat and vacate your table within an hour like in some restaurants. It’s a great restaurant for lunch, dates, other celebrations, or just a decent priced midweek meal when you don’t feel like cooking. Also check out my reviews of their Mini Cocktail Masterclass and their amazing Cocktail Masterclass too!

Disclosure: I paid for my own meal and drinks, and all opinions expressed are honest and my own


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