Bubble Tea at BoBoQ

On Wednesday me and my housemates went to try out the new craze in drinks…Bubble Tea! Bubble Tea is a cold, fruity (or milky) tea-based drink with small flavoured popping bubbles at the bottom.

We headed to BoBoQ, a little cafe hidden away in a side street off New Street. When we arrived, a friendly member of staff greeted us, asked if it was our first time visiting BoBoQ, and then talked us through what Bubble Tea is and how to make our selection. We had a Groupon offer for a Bubble Tea each; in previous experiences, I’ve found that using a Groupon offer can sometimes make staff complacent and less friendly because you’re not paying full price for the product. However, this was not the case at BoBoQ and the barrista continued to be helpful and gave us each a sample of the Peach Green Tea with Lychee Popping Bubbles.

We were all apprehensive of what the Bubble Tea would actually taste like, especially with the addition of the strange ‘popping bubbles‘. But we were happily surprised to find that we all loved the little sample, and we quickly moved onto ordering our drinks.


You choose a flavoured fruit tea, in either green tea or black tea, and then either Lychee, Mango, Passion Fruit or Strawberry popping bubbles to go with it. I went for the Peach Green Tea and Strawberry Popping Bubbles. I really enjoyed this fruity and sweet combination, and the addition of the popping bubbles gave it extra flavour and texture, and an element of fun.

Emily went for Passion Fruit Green Tea and Lychee Popping Bubbles – we all agreed this was the best combination out of the flavours we tried, and it’s definitely what I’ll go for next time I visit! Another winning combo we tried was Mango Green Tea with Passion Fruit Popping Bubbles.


Having gone to BoBoQ with low expectations and thinking I wouldn’t enjoy the Bubble Tea (particularly being a hater of tea in general), I’m happy to say that it was the complete opposite and I am a huge fan of Bubble Tea. I loved the relaxed atmosphere and comfy sofas too, and it’d be a great alternative to grabbing a coffee when you’re shopping in the Bullring. I’ll be visiting lots in the Summer when I need a cool, refreshing drink.



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