Brunch at The Plough

Today my Dad came to visit me in Birmingham for a day of Christmas shopping and to look around the German Christmas Market. Knowing how busy the Bullring can be at the weekend (particularly in the run up to Christmas!) and that the restaurants in town would be heaving with all the Christmas shoppers, we decided to start the day off with brunch at The Plough in Harborne. I’ve eaten brunch at this popular pub before and loved it, so I knew we’d be onto a winner going here.


When we arrived it was busy and almost every table was occupied or reserved (a sign of how popular it is!), but luckily we managed to find a table and settled down to look at the menu. There’s always a relaxed, easy atmosphere at The Plough which suits lazy Sunday morning brunch perfectly. This is added to by the quirky interior and decor, casual comfy seating, and friendly and cheerful staff.



The Plough offer an extensive brunch menu including delicious-sounding American Pancakes with Bacon and Maple Syrup (which I am dying to try next time!) and the biggest Sausage Sarnie I have ever seen!

But I decided to go for the Egg’s Royale (a personal favourite of mine!) – poached eggs, smoked salmon, toasted muffin and hollandaise sauce. It was delicious and tasted amazing, and the combination of the four elements was a winner. The hollandaise sauce was fantastic and the poached eggs were cooked perfectly with a runny yolk. I love smoked salmon and luckily they didn’t scrimp on their portion size, which added to an already excellent dish! I’ve had the same dish in a Wetherspoon’s and it didn’t even compare to the standard that you get at The Plough!


My Dad went for the House Breakfast – bacon, sausage, egg, hash brown, beans, tomato, mushroom and toast. It was presented well and smelt extremely inviting, and he really enjoyed the dish.


Unfortunately my Dad’s latte didn’t arrive until after we’d finished eating. However, the waiter was extremely apologetic when he brought it us and explained that it hadn’t been put through with our order. To make up for this minor error they gave us the drink for free, and it demonstrated again the excellent customer service at The Plough.


I love the brunch at The Plough and it is consistently flawless, so I will return again and again! They are known for doing great brunch, great pizza and great burgers, and I can completely see why if the quality of our food is anything to go on. Now I’ve tried one out of the three, I’m desperate to go back to sample their pizza on a Monday when it’s 241…I love the sound of the smoked salmon and sour cream pizza! And also their 241 burgers on Tuesday’s.


Disclosure: I paid for my own meal and drinks, and all opinions expressed are honest and my own


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