Product Review – Philadelphia Simply Stir Mushroom Sauce

Earlier in the year, Philadelphia added to their popular range with two new Simply Stir sauces in Mushroom and Garlic & Herb flavours. I love mushroom sauces, so I thought I’d test out this new product. I also cook with the tubs of Philadelphia all the time, so I had high hopes for it! We decided to serve it as a steak sauce with a Rump Steak and Chips.



The sauce was delicious, full of flavour, creamy and the perfect consistency. Only needing to be heated up in the last few minutes before serving the meal, it was super quick and easy. We all really enjoyed it and will be having it again soon with other dishes too. I thought it beat a lot of mushroom sauces that I’ve tried before, and I’ll definitely be buying several packs to take back to uni with me for a quick and tasty meal!



The average price for this is £2, although it is often on offer in supermarkets for £1, making it the perfect cheap ingredient for a quick and easy midweek meal! Pick it up in the fridge aisle next to the other Philadelphia products.

It worked perfectly as a pour over sauce with the steak, and we found that one pack was plenty for three people. However, I predict that in a rice or pasta dish one packet won’t enough between the three of us and I would use two instead. This is because we like plenty of sauce with these type of dishes, so I think how many you need to buy depends on personal preference in this case.

Other Serving Suggestions: 


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