Lunch and Mocktails at The Orange Tree

With my return to Birmingham quickly approaching, I’ve decided to make the most of my last week by spending lots of time with my friends and family before I head back – it’s going to be a busy week! To start off an exciting few days, me and Hayley decided to head into Loughborough yesterday for lunch and a catch up at The Orange Tree.

At The Orange Tree you order and pay at the bar, which I think works really well as it eliminates having to split the bill at the end of the meal (which can often be tricky, particularly in a large group!!). On this occasion, I was happy to find that the bar staff were really chatty and friendly despite it being a relatively busy lunch service.


Although I fancied trying one of their delicious cocktails again (check out my review of their cocktails here), it was early afternoon so we decided to get one of their mocktails instead. This was the first time that we have ever chosen a mocktail over a cocktail, but we were happy to find that we both loved it! We went for Passion Cooler – a delicious fruity mix of passion fruit Looza, cranberry juice and lemonade. Could mocktails be the new way forward?!



The Orange Tree change their food menu every season, keeping it fresh and up to date, and guaranteeing that you will always find something new and exciting to eat here! On offer they had a selection of 12+ sandwiches and wraps to choose from, with a ‘sandwich of the day’ special too, priced between £4.95 and £6.75. As well as these lunchtime treats they also have an extensive menu of starters, burgers, deli boards, desserts, and a varied selection of mains ranging from £6.95-£9.95 which currently includes Posh Fish and Chips, Crisp Confit Duck Leg with Flagolet Ragout, and Roasted Chestnut, Butternut Squash and Sage Risotto.

I chose the Tuna Melt – flaked tuna and spring onion bound in mayonnaise with mixed grated cheese and sliced beef tomatoes, served on toasted farmhouse white bread. When it arrived I was greeted with two thick, chunky slices of soft bread, smothered in a tasty tuna mayo and topped with lots of yummy melted cheese. I’m not usually a fan of tomatoes and normally take them out of dishes, but in this they added extra texture and flavour. It’s always been a pet hate of mine when restaurants give you way too much bread and hardly any filling, but at The Orange Tree they had achieved the perfect balance between the topping and the bread. It was extremely delicious but very filling, and so I could only manage to eat three out of four halves from the serving.



The Orange Tree is the perfect location for a casual lunch with friends. It has a great relaxed atmosphere, comfy sofas to sit on, and an excellent varied menu at great prices.

Disclosure: I paid for my own meal and drinks, and all opinions expressed are honest and my own


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