The Jekyll and Hyde

To celebrate our return to Birmingham and the start of another term at university, we decided to go for cocktails at The Jekyll and Hyde on Saturday night. We chose this popular cocktail bar as it runs an offer all day on Saturday’s of selected cocktails at only £4; they are 100% worth getting at their normal price, so this was an added bonus! We had previously visited for my birthday last year, so we knew we were in store for some excellent cocktails.

The Jekyll and Hyde is part of the Bitter ‘n’ Twisted venues along with one of my favourite restaurantsBodega. This popular bar is known for it’s unique cocktail creations and upstairs Gin Parlour, but it also has other quirky delights on offer such as their Eat Me Drink Me food fusion menu and Mad Hatter’s Tea Party (which I am desperate to try soon!). I also love the sound of their gin themed cocktail masterclasses for a special occasion.

When we arrived at The Jekyll and Hyde, it was already extremely busy and there wasn’t a single spare seat which just goes to show how popular it is here. There was a lively, buzzing atmosphere and a mixed crowd, making it welcoming and not intimidating like some cocktail bars can be. Despite the lack of available seating, we decided to order a cocktail each anyway in the hope that somewhere would become free whist we were at the bar. The bar staff were really friendly and quick at making the cocktails, and despite it being a very busy Saturday night we were served straightaway.


The Jekyll and Hyde have a great cocktail menu, featuring lots of inventive, original cocktails. I decided to get the Pear Drops cocktail. It came served in a cute little jam jar topped with two pear drop sweets, and it’s these little touches that make The Jekyll and Hyde stand up against other cocktail bars and draw its customers in. The cocktail itself was delicious and sweet, and I really enjoyed it!



Unfortunately we had to stand the whole time we were there and as a result we drank our cocktails way too quickly! We would of all preferred to sit down, relax and savour our drinks instead, and I definitely would of bought another cocktail if there had been somewhere to sit as the first was so yummy.

Although our visit to The Jekyll and Hyde was brief, we really enjoyed the cocktails and in future plan to return but arrive earlier so we that can definitely get seats and spend a full evening here!


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