Brunch at Ju Ju’s Cafe

At the weekend my Mum came to stay with me in Birmingham for a girly weekend of shopping, eating and drinking! You can read all about the rest of my foodie weekend here, which we kicked off with brunch at Ju Ju’s Cafe. We had a table booked at Edmunds for 7pm that evening, so brunch seemed like a good option so we would have an appetite for our impending meal…plus brunch at Ju Ju’s has been high up on my to-do list forever!!

Atmosphere and Service:

When we arrived at Ju Ju’s on Saturday morning, we were greeted at the door by the owner Julia. She was extremely warm, welcoming and friendly, and we immediately felt at home and knew we’d chosen the right venue for our lazy weekend brunch. We were given the choice of any table we wanted, and we picked one with a beautiful view of the canal which runs next to the restaurant. There was a relaxed, easy atmosphere, and we quickly settled into our comfy seats and poured over the delicious-sounding breakfast menu.


Ju Ju’s offers an extensive breakfast menu and we found that we could of happily ordered every single dish off the menu. To say we were spoilt for choice is an understatement! I’m of the controversial opinion where I don’t actually rate a full English breakfast at all. But luckily Ju Ju’s offers lots of tasty alternatives too, including my normal brunch time favourites Eggs Royal, Eggs Benedict, Scrambled Eggs on Toast (with the option to add bacon or smoked salmon), Ju Ju’s Hash, and Pancakes served with maple syrup and bacon. They’ve also managed to achieve a great balance between meat and veggie options too, and for each meat dish there was a vegetarian version available as well.

After much deliberation, I opted for the Breakfast Sandwich – on a sweet brioche bun layered with sausage, bacon, black pudding, fried eggs and drizzled with Hollandaise sauce. I swapped the black pudding for mushrooms (my favourite food!), which they were more than happy to do for me. When it arrived it looked absolutely delicious and I almost forget to take a photo as I was so eager to get stuck in.


And I’m in love…with Ju Ju’s Breakfast Sandwich. It was 100% the best brunch I’ve ever eaten in my life, and a very high contender for one of the best things I’ve ever eaten in general! I’ve decided that the messier something is the tastier and more indulgent it is, and this was a prime example of that. Words cannot even begin to describe how good this dish was, and I kept sitting there just smiling and saying how much I loved it!

The Hollandaise sauce was flawless; it was creamy, smooth, rich and buttery, and it worked so well with every element of the dish. The brioche bun was sweet and soft, but still managed to hold its shape with the all the filling. The sausages were the tastiest I’d had in a long time, the fried eggs had a yummy runny yolk, and the bacon was cooked exactly how I like it. It was bursting with flavour and they’d manage to achieve the right proportions of each element so that nothing overpowered anything else. I hate being unpleasantly over-full, but this wasn’t the case at Ju Ju’s as they’d delivered a well balanced dish that left me happily satisfied. I proceeded to spend the rest of the day in a food heaven induced happiness and couldn’t stop talking about it.

My Mum ordered Ju Ju’s Hash – crushed hash browns mixed with a medley of sausage, bacon, onions and tomato, topped with fried eggs. She absolutely loved the dish and said it was full of all the flavours you’d expect from a full English breakfast but in a hash.



If I could have brunch at Ju Ju’s Cafe everyday I would. I’m still craving my delicious Breakfast Sandwich now, and I will remain bitterly disappointed each time I eat my boring breakfast at home (normally porridge!) until I can have it again! Not only was the food amazing, but the service you receive here is brilliant and so friendly that you find yourself wanting to go back for a chat with Julia just as much as for the food!

I have a table booked for an evening meal here next month and I can’t wait to go back to what is quickly becoming my favourite restaurant in Birmingham. So roll on Saturday 22nd February…although I may have to go back this weekend for brunch again, it’s just too good to resist! (You can read all about my meal at Ju Ju’s Cafe here).


Disclosure: I paid for my own meal and drinks, and all opinions expressed are honest and my own


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