The Bureau

After my visit to The Bureau last week (see my review here), I couldn’t wait to return for more of their fantastic cocktails and also to sample their delicious looking food. Luckily this opportunity popped up no less than 6 days after my first visit! Last term I took part in the Brum Dine With Me society at my university (blog post to follow about this in the next few weeks!), and I’ve made some really great friends through it. We all decided to meet up this week for some food, cocktails and to catch up after the Christmas break, and I suggested The Bureau after my fab experience there last week.

1616367_10203331781998257_525915279_n(Couldn’t resist going for a cocktail in The Lost and Found after our meal too!!)


Once again I couldn’t decide what cocktail to order as they all sound sooo good, but in the end I settled for the Mai Tai. It was fruity and refreshing, with a slight sharpness from the lime that cut through the sweetness and made it a well balanced drink. I also ordered this cocktail on my first visit to The Bureau, and I regrettably have to say that it just wasn’t as good the second time round.



Although The Bureau have a relatively small food menu, what they do have on offer all sounded yummy and we were spoilt for choice! They offer four ‘Classics’, with dishes ranging from £10-£18 and including Steak and Chips and Slow Cooked Meat Pie. But what The Bureau are known for is their Deli Dogs and Deli Slate. The Deli Slate caught my eye and I was seriously tempted to order it; there are a choice of 12 items and you get to choose 5 for £8.50 which is a complete bargain!

However I was absolutely ravenous and seriously craving a burger, so I went for the Bureau Classic Burger. At only £7, I thought this was a great price until I realised that it didn’t come with any chips/wedges (essential when you’re eating a burger!!) and I had to order these as a side for an additional £3.50. When the burger arrived, it was presented on a wooden board which made it quite difficult to eat! The burger was served in a sweet, soft brioche bun and topped with a tasty burger sauce. Although I’ve had much better burgers elsewhere in Birmingham, it was still cooked well and a relatively decent offering.


For my side dish I ordered the Sweet Potato Wedges, which were served in a quirky little tin. They had an odd flaky coating (I couldn’t work out what it was!) which admittedly added extra texture and was something I’ve never seen done before. However as I made my way through them, I found that they become too sweet and a little bit sickly for my taste.


My friend ordered the Hand Cut Beef Dripping Chips and I tried one of these too. They were so yummy and exactly how I like my chips to be – super chunky, and soft and fluffy in the middle. I think next time I visit I’ll definitely order these instead of the sweet potato wedges.


Although the food was nice, it was distinctively average and I wouldn’t choose The Bureau as a dining destination over other venues in Birmingham. However, I’ll definitely return soon for more of their cocktails as these are fab and the atmosphere is great! As always the service was top-notch and we had a really enjoyable night here!


Disclosure: I paid for my own meal and drinks, and all opinions expressed are honest and my own


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