Rev’s Mini Cocktail Masterclass

Anyone who knows me well will know how much I love Revs! So when I received their latest newsletter which mentioned a FREE mini cocktail masterclass for the launch of their new cocktail menu, I knew I had to go. I rang up straightaway to try and snap up a place for me and my housemates, and spoke to a very helpful and friendly team member at Rev’s who booked us in for a free class.

So last night the four of us headed down to our local Rev’s for our class. I’ve already done two full cocktail masterclass’ at my local Rev’s back at home, once for my birthday and the other time for a friend’s birthday. When we did it for my birthday I had the most amazing night full of cocktails, shots and lots of surprises! It was the best night I’ve ever had with all my friends and family back at home, and we couldn’t believe how much we received for only £25 each!! We received a Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri on arrival, four different cocktails made by the barman for everyone to sample, the chance to make three cocktails each of our choice in mini competitions, and a flavoured vodka train at the end. After my previous experience with a class at Rev’s, I had high expectations for this mini version!


When we arrived for our mini masterclass, the bar was already busy with people and buzzing with life. There were a few groups of parties doing a full masterclass, which added to the lively, party atmosphere. Throughout the night a great varied selection of music was played, with everything from old classics to some more current commercial tunes.


The Class and The New Cocktails:

We were greeted by a member of staff who showed us to our table and gave us all a shot each of their new Salted Caramel vodka. We were then taken to a small section of the bar where our masterclass would take place. To start off we were given another vodka shot, Caramel and Hazelnut this time, which was creamy and warming. Our barman, James, then made one of their new cocktails for us , the Rum Bongo – Barcadi Superior rum with Teichenne Coconut, Grenadine and passion fruit, shaken over ice and topped with pineapple juice. It was fresh and fruity, but not as good as I’d been anticipating for the ingredients it had in it.


We all then got to get behind the bar and make one cocktail each from their ‘cocktail specials’ menu; we had the choice of the Salted Karamel Appletini , the Peanut Butter Martini or the Slim Jim. It was quite a limited selection and I personally didn’t fancy any of them, but I finally settled for the Salted Karamel Appletini – Stoli Gala Applik and Salted Karamel vodkas shaken over ice with apple juice and served in a martini glass with fresh mint . Unfortunately I didn’t enjoy this cocktail at all! It was quite bitter from the salted caramel flavour and I didn’t end up drinking it.


Emily had the Slim Jim – El Jimado rum with agave, lime juice, bitters and an egg white.  It was too strong for my taste, but I thought it was cool that when it came to shaking the cocktail a coil was added to whisk the egg white in it.

The mini masterclass lasted for 45 minutes and was a great sample of what a full class is like. We learnt lots of cocktail making skills, including how to put the cocktail shaker on the glass properly. We had to hold it over our heads to make sure we’d done it correctly, which was both scary and exhilarating…luckily none of us ended up with wet hair by the end of the night!! Our barman James was really friendly and chatty, and made the cocktail making experience really fun for us; he also looked after us for rest of the night too with our extra cocktail orders.



More Cocktails:

We decided to stay on and order some more cocktails as it was 241. I chose the Porn Star Martini – SKYY Passion Fruit & Stoli Vanil vodkas, mixed with passion fruit, stirred with sugar, topped with orange juice & garnished with more passion fruit. This is one of my favourite cocktails at Revs and it was delicious! I also got the chance to make it myself too which was really fun, and I loved getting behind the bar again!


Making the most of the 241 deal, I ordered the Jolli Stoli – Stoli Citros vodka with basil, lime juice, pineapple & passion fruit. Although I enjoyed this cocktail, it wasn’t my favourite of the night as I found the basil was quite an odd flavour and it was maybe a little too strong on alcohol. My final, and possibly favourite, cocktail of the evening was an Apple and Blueberry Mojito. It was deliciously sweet, not too strong, and the combination of flavours worked perfectly together. I’ve never really been a fan of mojitos before, but this has converted me and I can’t wait to try some new flavour combinations! Emily ordered the Strawberry and Passion Fruit Mojito, which was equally nice and once again the flavours worked well together.



I’m definitely not a big fan of their new cocktails, and will be sticking to my old favourites like the Porn Star Martini, Absolut Passion and Apple and Blueberry Mojito. Despite not enjoying the new additions to the menu, I still had a fantastic time doing the class! I urge you all to book a cocktail masterclass at Rev’s next time you have a special occasion to celebrate; it’s perfect for birthdays, hen parties, Christmas parties, or if you just fancy a different sort of night out!


I was absolutely gutted to hear that they’ve taken off mine (and a lot of other people’s!)favourite, the Frozen Strawberry Daquiri. We were told that it will only be available on Saturday night’s and during cocktail classes now. I’m definitely in mourning over the loss of, in my opinion, the best cocktail on Rev’s menu!

You can also check out my previous review of the Revs in Birmingham here too for more on their cocktails and food, and a review of their full Cocktail Masterclass here.


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