Brum Dine With Me

When I started university (almost two years ago now, eek!!), I was really keen to join some societies and the one which appealed to me the most was easily the Brum Dine With Me society.

Adopting the same format as the popular cooking show, Come Dine With Me, members of the society are randomly put into groups of 4 or 5. Each person then takes it in turn to cook a three course meal for the others in their group, but unlike the popular show the competition runs over a course of 4/5 weeks with one meal per week, rather than one night after another. After each meal or at the end of the 5 weeks, everybody sends their scores in to the committee. The winners are then crowned and given their prize (usually a mini Brum Dine trophy and cookbook) at an end-of-term social and meal at one of our local restaurants.

I’ve now taken part in Brum Dine With Me twice since I started uni and I’ve loved it every single time. It’s a great way to meet new people studying different courses and in different year groups, and I have made some great friends through it. I’ve also had the chance to try soo many new foods and flavours that I wouldn’t normally get the chance to try, for example I’ve had traditional Polish food and homemade authentic Indian food. Everything I’ve eaten has been delicious and it’s always a fantastic five weeks of lots of yummy food!!

I asked other members of the society what they’re favourite moments of Brum Dine With Me have been:

  • “It was hosting I think, having everyone taste my food and getting to know people. And trying new things.”
  • “Best moment was probably the first night meeting everyone and sharing great food! We all got on really well and I think sharing great food really eases any nerves and keeps the conversation flowing.”
  • “Meeting new people, trying food I wouldn’t have normally, and because others in my group were all older than me then finding out about where to go in Brum.”
  • “My best moment was when I hosted my first dinner party, I was the first one to host in my group. After the food had all been served we ended up having a gangman style dance off on the coffee tables and then continued by dancing all over the entire kitchen work surface until about 1:30 so it was a very good night.”
  • “Wearing bindiis at the Indian themed dinner party!”

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