Girl’s Weekend in Birmingham

At Christmas we went to stay in Essex with our family, and whilst we were there we planned a girly mini-break in Birmingham for March. Time has literally flown by since then, and before we knew it our weekend was upon us and I had my Mum, Aunty Julie, cousin Callie and our honorary family member Carla coming to stay with me for the weekend! We had some yummy food out, drank lots and lots and lots of cocktails (probably too many!!), took soo many funny photos and didn’t stop laughing all weekend. I had an amazing time with the girls and can’t wait to do it again soon! Here are some of the highlights of our weekend together.

Pizza at The Plough

I had high expectations for the pizza at The Plough in Harborne after being told by lots of people that it was ‘the best pizza ever’. And I wasn’t disappointed…it was amazing!! Read my full review of The Plough here.


Meal and Cocktails at Bodega

Bodega is easily one of my favourite restaurants in Birmingham. So I thought I’d take the girls somewhere that I knew we’d be guaranteed fantastic food and cocktails, and that would get us in the party mood for the rest of our night too! The food and cocktails were as great as they always are, and it was a fab start to the night. I’ve already reviewed Bodega on my blog, but a new full review of my latest visit will follow shortly too.


Cocktails at Revs

We then moved onto Revs for more cocktails. We reserved a booth as it’s always busy here on a Saturday night and to reserve our table we had to spend £50 by ordering some drinks in advance when we booked it. With this we got two pitchers of our choice and 10 flavoured vodka shots which I thought was a pretty good deal. We went for Absolut Passion and Big Jug of Love – two of my favourites!! Shots wise, I’m not sure which ones I had as they had added colouring to them all so it was like a shot roulette. Julie was unlucky enough to get the chilli vodka shot, and for anyone whose ever had one (myself included) you can sympathize with her on how awful it is! There’s a great party atmosphere and good selection of music here on a Saturday night, so we spent the rest of the night singing, dancing and ordering more cocktails for hours and hours. Before we knew it, it was 3 in the morning and we were all more than ready for our beds! Read my previous review of Revs in Birmingham here.



Smoothies at Browns

On Sunday morning we all luckily woke up hangover-free, cue a huge sigh of relief! We decided to head into the Bullring for a spot of shopping, but as it was such a lovely day we headed outside to find somewhere to sit with drinks and enjoy the sun. Browns have a great upstairs balcony area, so we headed here and I ordered a yummy Cherry Berry Smoothie. Although it tasted great, I doubt I’d order it again as I thought it was very overpriced at £4.50…I mean, you can get a cocktail for that price at some bars!!


11 thoughts on “Girl’s Weekend in Birmingham

      • I wasn’t blogging when it was around last year, and unfortunately I was already busy when it made it’s return last Saturday…however, I’m hoping to go to next month’s on 12th April as I’ve heard fantastic things about it and I love street food!! 😀 have you been before? 🙂

      • It’s definitely worth a visit…lots of street food vendors, food stalls, music, drinks, entertainment! 😀 They’re worth following on Twitter as they always post info about it too 🙂 I’ll be blogging about it after I visit next month 🙂

      • Ooh i’ve just searched it and it looks really good, and not too far from me either! always keen to go to lots of foodie festivals! I’m on holiday when it’s on this year unfortunately though 😦

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