The Plough

I’ve heard from so many people how good the pizza is at The Plough, and it’s left we wanting to go myself for months and months now! And on Friday I finally got the chance to go when my Mum came up a day early for our Girls Weekend in Birmingham.

We booked a table in advance as I knew from previous visits here how busy it can get. I’ve been to The Plough twice before for brunch and it’s always been fantastic! You can read my review of brunch at The Plough here.

When we arrived, we were greeted by a very friendly, chatty yet professional team member who showed us to our table. I loved the little metal plaques they use for reserved tables here! Although we were given the option to choose any table we wanted instead, we decided to stick with our table in the conservatory-type area where the sun was shining through the floor-to-ceiling windows, making it feel like summer.



Although I’d planned to have a pizza at The Plough, my idea was almost thrown out the window when I spotted dishes like the Sun Blushed Tomato + Spinach Gnocchi and Slow Cooked Beef Brisket and Sweet Potato Hash. However, I stuck to my guns and went for the Italian Sausage, Feta and Onion Stone Baked Pizza off the specials menu (which changes every day).

As soon as I saw the word feta, I was sold and I knew this was the pizza for me. I’ve developed some what of an addiction to feta recently, which was only heightened by the delicious Lamb and Feta Toastie I had from Jabberwocky at the Digbeth Dining Club a few weeks ago. It was served unsliced, but with an individual pizza cutter each so that you could cut it up however you wanted. I preferred it this way, especially near the end when we were fighting to finish our pizzas and ended up cutting off smaller and smaller pieces in an attempt to eat it all.


The pizza base was super thin, crispy and perfectly cooked, and it actually had loads of flavour itself too. I always prefer a thin base, and this was a great example of one. This was topped with creamy, tangy feta which I couldn’t get enough of, and luckily for me it was slathered in the stuff. I think feta on pizza may be my new favourite thing. The saltiness of the feta complimented the flavoursome slices of Italian sausage perfectly. And if anything, I could have done with more of the Italian sausage as it was just so tasty. Add in sweet, almost caramelised white and red onions, and you’ve got yourself a fantastic pizza!


It was easily the best pizza I’ve ever had, and it had me dreaming of going on holiday to Italy and eating Italian pizza and ice cream all day everyday. The pizza was so damn good that I wanted to eat it ALL, but regrettably it defeated me and I had to leave the last slice. Although it was admittedly a little pricey at £12.50, it 100% worth every penny! And as an added bonus, if you go on a Monday then pizzas are two for one.

My Mum ordered the Pancetta, Parmesan, Sun Blushed Tomatoes and Caesar Dressing Stone Baked Pizza. She absolutely loved hers too and it was another winning pizza! The Caesar dressing was served in a little silver pot on the side; it was really tasty and a nice accompaniment to dip the pizza into. However, she felt that there was too many of the sun blushed tomatoes on it and it become a bit too much by the end of it.


As we were leaving The Plough, we spotted a bench with cakes and cupcakes on, and we couldn’t resist picking up a slice of Carrot Cake each to take home with us for tea that night. They also had a chocolate Guinness cake, toffee pecan cupcakes and a traybake on offer to. I’m extremely picky with carrot cake as I’ve never been able to find one as good as the one from The Hummingbird Bakery. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was a really fantastic carrot cake. The sponge was deliciously soft and moist, and was bursting with that fantastic carrot cake flavour. Although I normally hate cinnamon, I really liked the addition of it in this cake as there was only a hint of it so it didn’t overpower the other flavours but instead complimented them. Any great carrot cake also has walnuts in it, and this one as no exception; the sponge was studded with them and this added extra texture and flavour. The sponge was then topped and filled with a creamy, dreamy, indulgent cream cheese frosting.

carrot cake


The Plough is an excellent all-rounder – it’s great for brunch, lunch, dinner and even coffee and cake too! The team here are always friendly and happy, the atmosphere is relaxed, and the food is consistently delicious and flawless too!


Disclosure: I paid for my own meal and drinks, and all opinions expressed are honest and my own


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