Unexpected Foodie Weekend in Birmingham

After a long week of revision, I was so happy when this weekend unexpectedly turned into a foodie weekend for me. I ended up trying lots of new food that I’d never had before and drank a fair few cocktails too. Here’s what I got up to this weekend…

The Balcony

This week I joined the Rib Nights team and on Friday night I met up with Ahmed and Ibbs for an evening of food and lots of drinks. We kicked off with a couple of Ciroc Peach Vodka shots and Bellinis in Selfridges, before heading upstairs to The Balcony. Last time I went to The Balcony, I only got to try a mocktail but this time we had a cocktail and, although I couldn’t tell you what was in it, it was fantastic! We also got some Truffle Popcorn but regrettably I have to admit that it just tasted like salted popcorn to me, although it did smell amazing.

But the highlight for me was the Pistachio Ice Cream. It was the first time I’ve had pistachio ice cream before and I loved it. It was creamy, tasty and so good that I think it could possibly be my new favourite ice cream flavour.

Min Min Noodle Bar

For dinner we headed to Min Min Noodle Bar in the Chinese Quarter where I got to have my first ever Ramen experience. I can’t believe that I’d never tried ramen before as I loved the it! I’ve since been eagerly searching for recipes to make it myself at home too, so if anyone has a good recipe for one please let me know! You can read a full review of my meal at Min Min Noodle Bar here.


Chung Ying Central

We then walked over to Chung Ying Central for a drink and continuing with my new food tasting experiences, we decided to order some Chicken Feet for me to try. Yes, you read that correctly. Me, the girl who would only eat pizza and chips until I was 13, ate not one but TWO chicken feet. I surprised myself and really liked them too, and I’ll definitely order them next time I go to Chung Ying Central for some dim sum. Then it was time for more alcohol (of course!), so we ordered a Dragon’s Breath shot each made up of chambord, lemon juice and absinthe. The name doesn’t lie with this one, and my mouth literally felt like it was on fire!


The Rose Villa Tavern

On Saturday night, my Dad came to Birmingham to visit me for the evening. We headed to The Rose Villa Tavern in the Jewellery Quarter and had some fab cocktails and yummy burgers! Read my full review of our meal here.


Sunday Soup Making

Sunday’s are made for soup making, and this morning I got up early and cooked up a batch of my Parsnip and Broccoli Soup. You can find my recipe over on Student Life.


Seeing as I’ve had lots of new food experiences this weekend, I’ve decided to try something new for dinner tonight and experiment with a recipe idea that I’ve had for a while. If all goes well, I’ll be posting the recipe later this week.


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