Min Min Noodle Bar

During my Unexpected Foodie Weekend in Birmingham, I went to Min Min Noodle Bar in Birmingham’s Chinese Quarter with the Rib Nights team. I really liked it here – it was really relaxed, but with a gentle buzz of conversation. It’s definitely the sort of place I could imagine into for a quick, easy lunch whilst I’m in the city centre.


For starters we ordered the Mango and Prawn Rice Rolls and Tempura Prawns to share between us. The Mango and Prawn Rice Rolls were fantastic and by far my favourite out of the two dishes. They were packed with so much flavour thanks to the winning combination of the fresh, juicy mango and succulent prawns. I was enjoying it so much that I didn’t even realise until half way through that I’d been eating cucumber (i.e. the food I hate the most in the World!!!) among all the other crunchy vegetables too, but it was all so good that I just kept eating it. This dish was unlike anything I’ve had before and I loved it, and I’ll definitely going to try incorporating mango into similar savoury dishes when I’m cooking at home as it worked really well.


Our second starter, the Tempura Prawns, was also very good. The tempura batter was wonderfully crunchy but they’d managed to make it light still, and this encased the juicy prawns. Despite the fact that they had been fried, they weren’t greasy at all. They also came with a tasty wasabi mayonnaise dip on the side which complimented the dish.


For my main I ordered the Char Sui Ramen – Japenese Style Soup Noodles with Chinese Roasted Pork in a Pork Rib Miso Broth, garnished with Seaweed, Sweetcorn, Wood ear Mushrooms. Spring Onions, Five Spice Egg and Sesame. This was my first ever ramen experience and after tasting it I couldn’t believe that I’d never tried it before! Everything just had SO much flavour, particularly the Pork Rib Miso Broth, and each component added something to the dish. The Char Sui was succulent and meaty, the noodles were perfectly cooked (soft but still with a bite), and the Five Spice Egg, which I had been particularly nervous to try, was actually really good too. As was the Tofu (my 1st ever taste of tofu!), which was light, fluffy and had taken on all the flavours of the tasty broth. I also ordered Roasted Belly Pork as an extra topping for my ramen, and this melted in my mouth it was so tender. Despite the fact I hadn’t eaten in a good 10 hours (a rarity for me!!), I only managed about 1/3 of my ramen as I was just SO full; I honestly hadn’t been expecting it to be so filling at all!



I loved my first ever ramen experience, and I’ll definitely go back to Min Min Noodle Bar to order their ramen again – maybe the Teriyaki Chicken or Tempura Prawn one next time. I STILL can’t use chopsticks, but it was the closest I’ve ever come to eating properly with them…but eventually I ended up turning back to my fork and twirling the noodles onto it like spaghetti (oops!).

Disclosure: I paid for my own meal and drinks, and all opinions expressed are honest and my own


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