Product Review: Parrot Bay Frozen Berry Daquiri

I’ve always been wary of pre-mixed cocktails that you can purchase in supermarkets, but at the same time I wanted to test them out. If not just for an excuse to have a cocktail or two! So when I spotted this Parrot Bay Frozen Berry Daquiri on offer in my local Asda at the weekend, I jumped at the chance to try it out.


The packaging states that it needs 8 hours in the freezer. However when I checked it after 4 hours, I was pleasantly surprised to find it was already frozen and ready to drink!

I found it quite difficult to transfer it into the glasses because the opening at the top was too big, and unfortunately most of it ended up on the table. However once I’d managed to get it into the glass, I was pleased to find that it was actually half decent! It was sweet, but not overly so, and very refreshing. I can imagine drinking it regularly over the summer and it’d be great for BBQs and cocktail nights! It didn’t taste of alcohol at all, but this is something I’ve always found with any frozen daquiri I’ve tried.

I bought mine on offer for £2, but it’s normally £2.50 for a 250ml pouch…a decent price for 2 full martini style glasses of what is normally a £5-£7 cocktail in a bar. It was nowhere near as good as my favourite Frozen Strawberry Daquiri from Revs or any that I’ve had in cocktail bars before. But it was decent enough to buy when I’m craving a frozen daquiri at home, especially at that price!

Parrot Bay also do a Frozen Pina Colada, Frozen Citrus Daquiri and Frozen Mojito, and I’m keen to try these ones out too!



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