Digbeth Dining Club

After my first visit to the Digbeth Dining Club in February, I was eager to return again as all the food had been amazing! So just over a month later I was back for some more delicious street food. Although I’ve already posted about Digbeth Dining Club before, the food was all SO good that I needed to share it all with you!! This week’s line up featured Bournville Waffle CompanyEsmie’s Seafood KitchenThe MeatshackFat Duck Spuds and Low n Slow – all street food traders that I had yet to try anything from, so I was very excited!!

The Meatshack:

The Meatshack are renowned for their awesome burgers, so of course I had to try one of their “dripping filthy goodness” burgers! We jumped in the queue as soon as we got there and placed our orders for their Buffalo Blue Candy Burger – beef patty, blue cheese topper, blue shack slaw, candy crumb, smothered in Franky buffalo sauce. After a short wait whilst they cooked our burgers from fresh, we were delivered a juicy, perfectly cooked burger piled high with all the delicious toppings and oozing with their tasty buffalo sauce (yeah it dripped down my chin, but I didn’t care as it was so damn good!!). It was the best burger I’ve ever had and was seriously on a different level to any that I’ve had before. Words fail me to fully describe how good it was. It was so good that one just wasn’t enough, and me and Ahmed ended up sharing another one later on too!


Fat Duck Spuds:

After a short break, I was ready for round two. I’m a sucker for a roast potato, so naturally I had to sample some of Fat Duck Spuds offerings…especially when I saw how golden and crispy they looked in the huge paella style frying pan! For only £2.50 I got a huge cone of crispy, fluffy and utterly delicious duck-flavoured roast potatoes. I topped mine with garlic mayo (which makes everything better) and BBQ sauce too, and they said I could come back for extra sauce if I needed it at any point. I went back for extra garlic mayo (of course!!), but felt that it worked better with the potatoes by itself rather than with the BBQ sauce too. The only question now is – can they come and make my roasties for me every Sunday please?!


Esmie’s Seafood Kitchen:

Ahmed got some Curried Mutton from Esmie’s Seafood Kitchen and I had a spoonful of it to try it too. The mutton was so tender and melted in my mouth. It had so much flavour, but unfortunately I’m a spice wimp and it was too hot for me.

Bournville Waffle Company: 

When we arrived at DDC I first spotted that The Bournville Waffle Company had a Pecan and Maple Waffle on their menu, and I knew that I had to get one even before I’d seen the rest of the food as pecan and maple syrup is my favourite combination! So for dessert I headed over and placed my order for my first ever waffle! The waffle was wonderfully crispy on the outside, but was soft and light when I bit into it. This was topped with plenty of sticky maple syrup, crunchy pecan nuts and a good squirt of cream, and it worked really well as a topping on the waffle. It was deliciously sweet but without being sickly, and it was a perfect ending to a night of fantastic food.


Digbeth Dining Club


My second visit to the Digbeth Dining Club was just as good as the first, and I’m already excited to go back again next Friday! I’m already craving a Meatshack burger and will definitely be heading down for another when they’re back next month.

If you fancy heading down to Digbeth Dining Club this month – which I strongly recommend you do – then check out the line up below. Also follow them on Facebook and Twitter for lots of pictures of all the amazing food and menu details.



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