Underground Cookery School

On Tuesday night I was invited to join nine other food and lifestyle bloggers at the Underground Cookery School in London for an exciting night of cooking. I’ve been dying to attend a blogger event here for a few months now as they’ve always looked like lots of fun, so I was incredibly excited when I got an invite to this month’s one!! I traveled down for the event and spent the rest of the day in the only way a food blogger can…eating and drinking my way around London, which you can read all about in my Foodie Day in London here.


When we arrived we were greeted by the friendly chefs, a glass of prosecco was put in our hand (which was topped up again and again all night long), and we were encouraged to sample all of the canapes they had prepared for us. Delicious mini morsels of Prawn and Smoked Salmon Crositini, succulent and flavoursome Chicken Skewers, and finally (my favourite of the three) Goat’s Cheese Risotto Balls with Aioli which were light and gooey in the centre with a crispy coating.


We were then split into two groups and spent 30 mins at each station, learning new techniques and picking up tips from the chefs. We started with the Flourless Chocolate Cake. I was left in charge of greasing and dusting the baking tin…an important job if we wanted to be able to get the cake out in the end!!


Then we moved onto boning out a rump of lamb for our main. With clear instructions and guidance as we worked, we made easy(ish!) work of the lamb. This was my favourite station that we worked on, and I won’t shy away from buying a joint of lamb from the butchers in the future now to try out my new skills again!




We then switched with the other group to start working on the sea bass. We filleted and deboned it, and I found it surprisingly more difficult and tough to cut and work with than the lamb.


Continuing with the preparation for the starter, we whipped up a quick, simple dressing of dill, lemon juice, olive oil, paprika and some seasoning, tasting it as we went until it was perfectly balanced. When they mentioned preparing the vegetables, I had visions of us peeling sacks upon sacks of carrots all night long…but luckily our hands were saved and we were only set to peel the ends off the fresh asparagus.


After preparing all of the food, I had definitely worked up an appetite and it was great being able to relax and chat to the other foodie bloggers whilst the chefs cooked and plated up our food. Although I would have liked the opportunity to pan fry the sea bass (a fish I’ve never cooked or worked with before), the chefs explained clearly how to do it when I asked and I was able picked up some tips to try it out myself at home.


To start with we dug into the Fillet of Sea Bass with Asparagus and Dill Dressing. It was absolutely delicious. The dressing complimented the perfectly cooked sea bass but didn’t overpower it, whilst the asparagus was crisp and still had it’s wonderful fresh green colour. It was slightly on the larger side for a starter, but it was just too good to leave any!


Appetite suitably whet from the starter, we were quickly served up the main – Rump of New Season Lamb with a Salad of New Potatoes, Spring Onions, Cress and Purple Sprouting Broccoli. Accompanied by a chorus of ‘mmms’ from table, I demolished this in a matter of minutes. The lamb literally melted in my mouth and it was simply divine.


For dessert we had the Flourless Chocolate Cake. Unfortunately I didn’t get to try it myself as I can’t eat chocolate, but it went down very well with the rest of the group.


I had a fantastic night at the Underground Cookery School. I loved the fun, informal nature of the event and meeting all the other bloggers. I can easily see why it’s popular for team building events, hen and stag parties, and birthday celebrations. And it’s definitely worth a trip down to London to attend one of their brilliant classes!

Massive thanks to Anneliese, Matt and the other chefs for inviting me along to this fab bloggers event, being lovely hosts and for teaching me lots of new skills!


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