April Round Up

How is it May already?! It doesn’t seem possible that a whole month has passed since I was writing my March Round Up...but as you can see below, I’ve been super busy this month moving between Birmingham, Loughborough, Leicester and even London! I always try to pick out my highlight of the month, but I honestly can’t this time round as there have just been too many exciting things happening!!

1. Product Review: Parrot Bay Frozen Berry Daquiri 

At the start of the month I picked up this Parrot Bay Frozen Berry Daquiri to try out. Admittedly it was a bit of an impulse purchase…but it fell on the same day that I finished uni for Easter and after a stressful term, this frozen cocktail went down a treat!!


2. My Baking Adventure with The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook – Double Chocolate Cookies

For Mother’s Day I treated my family to these Double Chocolate Cookies from The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook. They couldn’t get enough of them and all 10 were gone within two days! So if you’re a chocolate lover, you need to bake these asap!


3. Digbeth Dining Club

I say it every time I go, but the food I have at the Digbeth Dining Club is always the best food I’ve eaten in a long time!! And this month’s visit was no exception as I dug into my first ever Meatshack burger (AMAZING!), duck-flavoured roasties with garlic mayo, and a yummy maple and pecan waffle. This Friday (the 2nd May) they’re stepping it up a notch with no less than18 street food traders (feast your eyes on the line up below!) serving up their delicious food as Digbeth Dining Club plays host to the regional heats of the British Street Food Awards. It’s set to be an unmissable event and I cannot wait!! My only dilemma is how on earth I’m going to choose between 18 amazing street food traders when I struggle enough to pick between 5 on a normal Friday at DDC?!?!



4. Beef Ramen For One

Since my meal at Min Min Noodle Bar last month, I’ve been hooked on ramen. So naturally I had to try making it myself at home too, and it was a success! I’ve made it twice again since as it makes for a really tasty, healthy and surprisingly quick dinner.


5. Kesh’s Coffee Cup

At the start of the month I met up with the lovely ladies at Kesh’s Coffee Cup. We spent the afternoon chatting about their new mobile coffee and cake business, I had my first ever coffee (and loved it!!) and I tried lots of their yummy home-baked cakes.


6. King Prawn Masala For One

A masala that’s healthier, cheaper and tastier than ringing up your local Indian takeaway? What’s not to love! I make this curry all the time now, and it works really well with chicken or quorn too.


7. Five Days of Foodie-ness in Birmingham

I love foodie weekends, and this month’s extended to 5 days of food and cocktail heaven! It featured the Fallen Angel Bakery, Ju Ju’s Cafe, Island Bar, Pushkar, Revs and Rib Nights…it was a very good weekend!! The highlight of the 5 days for me definitely went to Rib Nights though! The Rib Nights UK tour kicks off next month in Leicester on the 3rd May and I’m taking along my Mum and Dad for some delicious ribs, and then we’re back to Birmingham for Round 4 on the 11th May!



8. Design My Night Birmingham – Pushkar


9. My Baking Adventure with The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook – Chocolate Brownies

My first (but hopefully last!) baking disaster occurred this month when I made these chocolate brownies. I learnt a valuable lesson – always follow the recipe when it comes to baking!!


10. Pesto, Mozzarella and Sundried Tomato Stuffed Burgers

During my short break at home for Easter, I treated my family to these delicious stuffed burgers (alongside some of my sweet potato fries too!). For a first attempt at homemade burgers I was happily surprised by how well they turned out, and I’m planning to experiment with new fillings and toppings next month.


11. Foodie Day in London

I love food. And I love London. So combining the two is always going to be a winner for me! I had an amazing foodie day in London with fellow food blogger Polly starting off with my all-time favourite carrot cake at The Hummingbird Bakery, a quick browse of Borough Market, coffee at Shoreditch Grind (I knew I’d become addicted!!), and finally finishing with a cooking class at the Underground Cookery School! It’s safe to say that I was pretty tired after all the eating, drinking and running around London, and I very nearly fell asleep on the train home!


12. Underground Cookery School

As part of my Foodie Day in London, and the main reason I went down for the day, I attended a bloggers event at the Underground Cookery School. I sharpened up my knife skills, drank copious amounts of prosecco, ate a fantastic 3-course meal, and met some lovely food bloggers! All in all, it was my idea of a perfect night and I hope to get the chance to go again in the future!


13. Design My Night Birmingham – MPW Champagne Bar

13. Other Foodie Things I’ve Been up to in April

I’m a food blogger and naturally I do a lot of foodie things each month. But time flies by way too quickly and most of the time I don’t get to blog about my foodie adventures. So this month I decided to round up all the extra things I’d been up to in another post too.

IMG_0803Cocktail at Turtle Bay

What to Expect on My Blog in May:


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