The Edgbaston

On Saturday, a day of Rib Nights meetings and preparations took us to newly opened cocktail bar The Edgbaston. I’d been excited to finally visit after hearing so many great things about it. And I wasn’t disappointed.

We were greeted by the lovely Kate when we arrived, and shown into the stunning main room. The Edgbaston is glamorous and sophisticated, and unlike any cocktail bar I’ve ever been to before. All of the staff were friendly and attentive yet professional; it may have only been a couple of weeks since it opened, but they’ve already got the service spot on and it was flawless throughout the evening.

They have a massive cocktail menu on offer, with each page dedicated to a different spirit or theme. So you’re pretty much guaranteed to find something for everyone’s tastes on the menu here. I started with the Abercrombie Zombie. It arrived in a quirky tiki glass and was delicious…fruity and sweet, but with a kick from the three different rums used in it.


After a great first round, we were all eager to try something else off the menu and I moved onto the Peace & Tranquility. Again it was a great cocktail – light, sweet and creamy – and I really enjoyed it.


Ahmed ordered the Nameless Samurai, and it was another expertly made cocktail. This one required skills to drink it too as it was served in a small wooden box – skills that unfortunately I didn’t possess! Although it was eye catching served like this, I found it too difficult to drink from.


The cocktails aren’t cheap here, with the average priced at £9-£12. But the cocktails were all fantastic, the service was great and the venue is stunning…so for a special occasion I’ll definitely return for a cocktail or two!


4 thoughts on “The Edgbaston

  1. The Edgbaston is fab. It’s brilliant for a special night out with friends or for a Birthday. There are also some great places to eat nearby such as Simpsons, The Blue Piano and Waters on the Square. I really loved the bar and the feel of it. Glad you enjoyed it.

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