BBC Good Food Show Blogger’s Meet Up at Brompton Cookery School

Last Friday I jumped on the train to Shrewsbury and headed to the BBC Good Food Show Blogger’s meet up at Marcus Bean’s cookery school – Brompton Cookery School. After meeting all the other bloggers, as well as Katy Truss who organised the event, Flo Simpson from the BBC Good Food Show, Marcus Bean and Rob Swift, we headed outside where Marcus showed us around their impressive herb garden.


Then it was back inside where Rob from Bread 2 Bake gave us a mini bread making course. He chatted to us about the bread making process, and covered a few areas that people most commonly have difficulty with when it comes to making bread. He also showed us how to flavour, fill and shape the bread too. Something Rob is passionate about is experimenting with new flavour combinations for his breads, which is evident from all of the fantastic recipes in his book Born & Bread and we were all lucky enough to receive one to take home with us on the day! I was in awe of how quickly he worked with the dough and it only increased everyone’s excitement to try some of his breads later on that he’d prepared for our lunch.



Next it was our turn to shape the dough and create our own bread (Rob had made the dough beforehand for us to use). I filled mine with Black Garlic Pesto (from the Garlic Farm), chorizo, red onions and cheese, and attempted to do a twisted loaf which he had demonstrated first. Rob definitely made it look a lot easier than it was, but eventually we were ready to put them in the oven!




As we took them out, the room was filled with the heavenly smell of freshly baked bread and we admired our handy work! A quick coating of red onion chutney glaze, and they were left to cool down as we ate lunch. I tried mine that night when I got home and it was delicious!!


After an exciting morning, it was time to sit down to a feast fit for a King…or a group of food bloggers!! We digged into a delicious buffet style lunch of freshly baked breads, cooked ham, pates, cheeses, chorizo and salami, salad, chutneys, sauces, and a delicious asparagus quiche that Marcus made whilst we were there. It was the perfect summer lunch!




Unfortunately I couldn’t have any of the chocolate mousse with honeycomb topping for dessert, but I did get to try a yummy Pistachio Meringue from Merangz instead. We also received a box each to take home, and I’m already eyeing up which one to try next.


It was Marcus’ birthday on the day too and to celebrate, some of the bloggers baked a birthday cake for him to try and judge. Coming in first place was Rosie from Freycob with her Carrot and Lime Cake with Mascarpone and Orange Cream Cheese Frosting. We were all too stuffed to try any of the cakes ourselves, but I took a piece of Rosie’s cake home with me for the train journey back and it was delicious! The recipe is on her blog too, so I’ll definitely be making it myself soon.


If the day couldn’t get any better, we were all given a fantastic goodie bag to take home too, loaded with lots of fab food and drink products from some of the show’s exhibitors. Look out for some product reviews of the items we received coming soon…


I had such a great day at Marcus’ cookery school and loved meeting all of the other BBC Good Food Show bloggers, Katy, Flo, Marcus and Rob! Massive thanks again to Katy Truss, Marcus Bean and Rob Swift for hosting a fantastic event for us! I’m now even more excited for the BBC Good Food Show Summer next month…you can get your tickets here and find out more about the show here!



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