Cocktail Masterclass at Revolution Birmingham

Last week I was invited by the lovely Lucy at Revolution Birmingham to attend one of their cocktail masterclasses for a bloggers event. I’ve done two cocktail masterclasses with Revs back at home in the past and I absolutely loved them, so I jumped at the chance to do one again. And to make it even better, they’re now introducing a new style of masterclasses to go with their newly refurbished bar too!

So on Friday evening I excitedly arrived at Revs along with four other Birmingham-based bloggers and our guests, ready to become a cocktail making pro…or at least learn how to throw together a decent version! We were taken to the new upstairs bar, which made the class more private and intimate, and handed a glass of prosecco each to enjoy before it started.


Lucy and another member of staff, Stephen, introduced us to our cocktail bartender for the night Michal, and both were also on hand during our class to check everything was good for us. Michal was great – he was friendly, charismatic and made sure we had lots of fun all night! Even though we didn’t all know each other, his friendly nature and encouragement to get us all mixing together meant that we were all at ease within moments of starting the class. He was knowledgeable about all the cocktails we were making, giving us just the right amount of history and info on them, and really good at teaching us how to make them.


After introducing ourselves, we moved onto the important part…cocktail making! Michal made four different cocktails for us to try with the help of members of our group, and each of these was matched with canapes from their food menu. We started with the classic Woo Woo which they paired with Cheese Bon Bons. We were all dubious of if the cocktail and food pairings idea would work, but the cranberry flavour from the woo woo actually went really well with the gooey cheese, and I was excited to see what other pairings they had come up with too.


Next up a Classic Mojito, which we were given a brief background history on, and enjoyed with a crunchy Tempura Prawn. 


Then the Sex and the City famous Cosmopolitan, served alongside a Tortilla Chip Topped with Guacamole. I wasn’t sure about the pairing of these two, but the cosmo was fantastic!


Unfortunately I couldn’t try the Tennessee Mudshake and Chocolate Bon Bons, but everyone else in the group absolutely loved it…especially the oreos that came with the cocktail! All of the cocktails were excellent and the food pairings worked really well, and it was a nice addition to the cocktail masterclass having canapes included too.


Now we’d been shown how it was done, we couldn’t wait to make a cocktail each of our choice. It was really fun getting behind the bar and having a go at making our own cocktail and watching everyone’s attempts at mastering their choices too. And when we weren’t behind the bar, it gave us all a chance to get to know each other more, watch and learn how to make the other cocktails too, and try the cocktails that everyone else had made.


I made one of my favourites off their menu a Porn Star Martini, and with Michal’s help it actually turned out really well! I also learnt that I can’t smile and make cocktails at the same time as too much concentration is needed from me!



Once we had all made our own cocktails, it was time to put our cocktail making skills to the test again in series of fun games and competitions. I teamed up with someone else in the group and went against another pair to see who could make a woo woo the quickest! But there was a twist…one person had to stand behind the other and only they could use their hands to make the cocktail. It was a lot harder than it sounds, and it got a little bit messy (especially on our side!) as we couldn’t stop laughing at our rushed attempts to make it! It ended in a close draw, with shots all around for both pairs!

10442438_10203864582994627_1920814266657099371_n 10442359_10203864584234658_3053289967656145345_n

Another game we played involved a tag-team style competition to make the best mojito, and the ‘best shake action’ for the last pair.


We were all on a cocktail and fun high, which was topped off at the end by a fruity flavoured vodka train in a really cool domino-style effect.



We also received a little present each too of some sweets and a drink voucher, and it was lovely touch to end what was a fantastic two and a half hours of cocktail fun!


I had an amazing time at the Revolution Cocktail Masterclass! We learnt lots of cocktail making skills and tips, drank lots of delicious cocktails and had such a fun evening! For only £24.95, the cocktail masterclass is really good value for money and the perfect way to celebrate a special occasion or if you just fancy a different sort of night out. This may have been my third time doing a Revolution cocktail masterclass, but I loved it just as much as the first time too and I can’t wait to go to another one soon! To find out more about their cocktail masterclasses and to book one for yourself, check out the section on their website here or their Cocktail Masterclass Brochure, and find out more about Revolution Birmingham here.

We were all having such a good time that we decided to stay on and order some food off their new food menu too. Although we had a few issues with the ordering and serving of the food, the food itself was great as always and I had the tasty Blackened Chicken Burger with their Fat Chips and Chorizo Ketchup. Of course we had to order some more cocktails too, especially as they’re 241 from 5-8pm. It was nice to hand the cocktail making back to the experts, and Michal made me a fab Strawberry and Passion Fruit Mojito. 


Me, Ashleigh and Emily headed downstairs for more cocktails and one of the managers Suraj checked that everything had been okay with our class too. We all thought that it was lovely of them to keep checking that we’d had a good time throughout the evening, and it was another great example of the fantastic, friendly service we received at Revs during our class and afterwards too.



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