Island Bar

I’ve visited Island Bar a handful of times before and always been impressed by the selection of cocktails on offer, especially the tiki menu available in their upstairs bar that offers plenty of fruity, Caribbean-inspired cocktails! And the cocktails themselves have always been great too. So when me and Katie visited on Saturday night after a great day in the sun at Brindley Place Outdoor Film Festival, I decided it was time to finally get a review of this cocktail bar on my blog!

We headed straight up to the Tiki Bar which is open on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights from 8pm. Although it was after half 8 by the time we arrived, when we went up to the bar to order they said that they wouldn’t be ready to serve us for another 10-15 minutes. We were slightly disappointed that we had to wait to get a drink, and we were only glad that we hadn’t got here at 8 on the dot! But luckily the drinks were worth the wait…

I started with the Lycheeky Tiki – Havana 3 white rum, hibiscus and green tea liqueur, lemon juice, elderflower cordial and lychee juice. Compared to the presentation of some of their other cocktails it looked pretty plain, but the flavour more than made up for it! It was light and refreshing, and they’d got the balance between the elderflower and lychee just right.


Katie ordered the Pulu Kaneke Fizz – Koko Kanu coconut rum, Wray & Nephew and cotton candy syrup topped with strawberry soda and served in a pineapple. We had been expecting a pineapple shaped glass, but it was literally served in a frozen pineapple! We were both so impressed by the presentation, and as an added bonus it kept the cocktail nice and cold too. Again it was another fantastic tasting cocktail; it was perfectly fruity and sweet, and one of those cocktails that I’d go back to a bar just so that I can order it again.



As it was National Pina Colada Day last Thursday, we decided to celebrate a few days late by ordering the Painkiller – Pusser’s Navy Rum, pineapple and orange juices with coconut milk and a nutmeg dust. They’d promised that it would be “like a pirate’s pina colada”, so we were admittedly a bit disappointed by what we were served. It just didn’t taste or look like any pina colada either of us had drank before, and it didn’t have that wonderful creamy consistency and coconutty flavour that we had been hoping for! Alas we will have to satisfy our craving for one this weekend instead! Despite it not resembling the sort of pina colada we’d wanted, it was actually a nice fruity cocktail that packed a nice kick of rum. And had it not been for our preconceived idea of what we’d be getting, we wouldn’t of had a single complaint about it.


As the night went on it got really busy in the Tiki Bar (and as we saw on our way out it was the same downstairs too), and this made for a vibrant, lively atmosphere. With a DJ playing a range of music throughout the night, it’s a great place to spend your Friday or Saturday night drinking lots of fantastic cocktails! Or you could head there during happy hour, when a selection of their cocktails are only £4, to start your night off before heading further into town. Either way I’d definitely recommend visiting Island Bar to try their Tiki-tastic cocktails soon!


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