July Round Up

1. A Week of Food and Cocktails in Portugal

I love holidays! A week away from home and leaving behind work, the rubbish English weather (or not so rubbish as it seems the last few weeks!) and all of your worries. And instead spending the time sunbathing, sipping lots of cocktails, and eating plenty of good food! It doesn’t get much better than that, especially when you’re spending it with your best friend. I’m already excited for our adventures in New York next year too!


2. Product Review: GB Sauce Company

The first in a series of product reviews that I have lined up…I tried out some of the GB Sauce Company’s fab sauces. Check out my review to find out what I thought of them and for ideas on how to use them.

gb sauce co

3. Thai Green Chicken Curry For One

I could happily eat Thai food all day everyday, especially Thai green curry! I can’t wait to adapt this recipe into a noodle soup next time, and to try making more Thai dishes at home too.


4. Prawn and Chorizo Tagliatelle For One

As I sit and write this, I am actually craving this pasta dish so much!! I love the combination of juicy prawns with smokey chorizo, a pairing that would work equally well in a risotto too.


5. Island Bar

After a long week at work, there’s nothing better than hitting a cocktail bar or pub for a much needed drink! And after our first week back, me and Katie headed to Island Bar to try out their Tiki cocktails.


6. Ham and Pea Soup

It may be summer, but homemade soup is still my go-to lunch as it’s so cheap and easy to make! I always make a big batch at the weekend and freeze it in portions to grab during the week too. Try out my latest recipe with this delicious ham and pea soup.


7. Cookbook Review: Cheesecake by Hannah Miles

Writing this review gave me the perfect excuse to make and eat some cheesecake (not that I needed an excuse…it is cheesecake after all!)! I was so impressed by the extensive selection of recipes in Hannah Miles’ cookbook and I’m already excited to try out some more of her recipes.


8. Toulouse Sausage, Tomato and Garlic Gnocchi For One

I’ve finally taken the step from only having gnocchi occasionally as a one-off to using it in place of pasta pretty much all the time now. And I’ve not looked back! Whether it’s with a creamy sauce like in my Creme Fraiche, Pesto and Sundried Tomato Chicken Gnocchi, or with a tomato-based sauce in this recipe, it’s delicious!


9. Moseley Farmer’s Market

Birmingham is lucky enough to have a farmer’s market happening somewhere on every single Saturday of the month. And this month I visited Moseley Farmer’s Market to stock up lots of fresh, local produce.


10. Chocolate Malteser Cake

I rediscovered my love of baking this month whilst making Emily this Chocolate Malteser Cake for her birthday! So I’m hoping to get back to my recipe series “My Baking Adventures with The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook” in the next few weeks.


What to Expect on My Blog in August:

I’m heading to London twice next month for lots of foodie adventures and decided to create a London Reviews page for the occasion! Also expect the usual recipes and a few more product reviews along the way too…but next month is all about London!!


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