Product Review: Le Mesurier

Another great foodie brand I discovered at the BBC Good Food Show Summer this year is Le Mesurier who offer a range of sauces, mayonnaises, mustards, chutneys and relishes. They describe themselves as “chef quality condiments, created for food lovers”, and after sampling a handful of their products I can confirm that they certainly fit the bill! Le Mesurier was created in 2008 by chef Patrick Le Mesurier, who I had the pleasure of meeting and chatting to at the BBC Good Food Show Summer. So I was delighted when I returned off my holiday to a parcel containing some of their products to try out!


Saffron and Garlic Mayonnaise

I bought some of this indulgently creamy garlic mayonnaise from the Good Food Show, and found that the added flavour of saffron elevated it to a new level. It really is a must try for all garlic mayonnaise lovers! When I have mayonnaise I always lather it on rather generously and admittedly probably use far too much. However I did find with this one that it can become a little sickly if you have too much of it in one go, so it’s better in smaller quantities.

Sun Dried Tomato and Basil Mayonnaise

I always thought that the best flavouring to add to a mayonnaise was garlic. But after trying this Sun Dried Tomato and Basil combination, I have to say I was wrong. I was blown away by just how GOOD it was and it’s become my new favourite mayonnaise. In contrast to the one above, this mayonnaise didn’t become sickly at any point and I could have happily sat there eating it out of the jar with a spoon…and maybe I did! In terms of what I recommend you having it with, well that’s easy – everything and anything!


Tartare Sauce

I only discovered that I like tartare sauce a couple of months ago, so when Le Mesurier sent me some of theirs to try I couldn’t wait to crack it open! It has a great flavour and consistency, and I couldn’t get enough of it once I had opened it. It’s tartare sauce, so of course it’s going to be great alongside Fish and Chips, whether you make it yourself at home or grab some from your local chippy. Alternatively make some Fishcakes with Sweet Potato Wedges for a twist on the classic fish and chips combination!

Fish Finger Sandwich – after receiving the tartare sauce, and with enthusiastic recommendations from several friends, I decided it was time to try a fish finger sandwich for the *first* time. Let’s just say it made a pretty epic sandwich, and I’m now hooked on them and this tartare sauce!


Dijon Mustard

I started off by trying this out in dishes I’ve used dijon mustard in before – like my Mushroom Stroganoff or Mushroom Sauce – and I noticed that it was much tastier and really elevated the flavours of the dishes compared to when I’ve made them in the past. I also used it in to create a new dish with my Roasted Broccoli and Sweet Potato Salad; this simple but delicious salad was made even tastier with a sour cream, dijon mustard and tarragon dressing.



The mayonnaises and tartare sauce are each £3.20 and the dijon mustard is £2.80, and I believe that they are well worth their price for the extra flavour and quality you get compared to other brands. Appetite suitably whet for Le Mesurier’s products? Good! You can also pick up some of their sauces for only £2.95 each, and their chutneys and other condiments (like Mint Sauce and Bernaise Sauce) for only £2.80.

Next on my hit list to try is their Hollandaise Sauce, Apple and Cider Sauce, and Peach and Rosemary Chutney! And if like me you can’t wait until the BBC Good Food Show Winter to get your Le Mesurier fix, then head to their website to find your nearest stockists here.


Disclosure: I was invited by Le Mesurier to review a range of their products, all of which were complimentary. But as always all opinions expressed are honest and my own, and I was not required to write a positive review


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