August Round Up

Well August was definitely a good month for street food with trips to KERB, Street Feast London and Digbeth Dining Club 2nd Birthday Party! I also experimented with new recipes, tried out some new products, and had the best end to the month with a long bank holiday weekend. Here’s what I’ve been up to on my blog this month…

1. Day in London

A day of sightseeing, street food and cocktails in London…it doesn’t get much better for me! I had the best day in London at the start of the month with my Mum, and it’s just made me want to visit London more and more from now on.


2. KERB Southbank Centre

You know when you eat something and can’t stop banging on about it for days after? Well this happened with every dish that I ate at KERB during my Day in London. For seriously amazing street food, you need to go to KERB now!


3. Roasted Broccoli and Sweet Potato Salad For One

We were blessed with some scorching hot days this summer, and a light salad like this one suits the weather perfectly.


4. Chicken and Prawn Pad Thai For One

For a tasty but easy stir fry dish, look no further than this Thai classic – Pad Thai! I used chicken and prawns in mine but you can take out either of these if you want, or make it veggie using quorn or tofu.


5. Vietnamese Cooking Class with Uyen Luu

If anything was going to make me want to visit Vietnam, it was going to be the Vietnamese Cooking Class with Uyen Luu I went to this month. I had a fantastic day cooking and feasting on the most delicious Vietnamese food!


6. DesignMyNight Birmingham – Malmaison

This month I was asked by DesignMyNight Birmingham to review the food and cocktails at Malmaison, and you can read my review here. Me and Katie had a fabulous night at Malmaison and I highly recommend visiting there next time you eat out in Brum.


 7. Nutty Chicken Curry For One

I’d forgotten just how much I love this curry until I made it for the first time in years earlier this month. If you’re a fan of peanut butter, it’s a must! Plus you get to lick the PB coated spoon clean afterwards too…it’s worth making just for that!


8. Street Feast London

Another weekend of street food in London, and again it was amazing! Street Feast is only at Dalston Yard for one more week so head therenext  weekend for a great night out of street food and cocktails (make sure you get the giant Pina Colada!!).


9. Product Review: Le Mesurier

I’ve loved varying the type of blog posts that I do the last few months with the introduction of more product and cookbook reviews. And here’s another fab foodie product that I’ve tried recently…


10. Thai Green Prawn Risotto For One

After discovering how delicious The Garlic Farm’s Thai Green Curry Paste with Garlic was when making my Thai Green Chicken Curry For One last month, I decided to experiment with a Thai green risotto and ended up with a great new dish!


11. August Bank Holiday Weekend

I didn’t think August could get any better, and then I got 5 days off work for Bank Holiday and spent it eating and drinking lots and lots!


What to Expect on My Blog in September:

I’m on holiday in September so won’t be blogging as much, but they’ll still be a good selection of recipes and reviews going up.


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