Product Review: #MOMS Good Home Cooking

Last month I was asked to review new food delivery service #Moms Good Home Cooking. For only £10, they deliver home cooked ready meals on Monday to see you through to Friday. So that’s £10 for 5 night’s worth of food, making it cheaper than ordering any other takeaway I can think of! Orders are taken from Thursday-Sunday for the following week, cooked over the weekend, and then delivered on Monday at whatever time you choose. I found that they were really flexible with the delivery time (I had to change the date and the time of my delivery!) and more than happy to work around me. I also liked that it’s delivered once and then you’re sorted for meals for the rest of the week.


I was delivered a sample of food from their current Pakistani menu (above) to try out. The Lamb Biryani was authentic and tasty, although too spicy for my personal taste. I really liked that the lamb was served on the bone too, although I could of done with more meat. However the portion size was spot on for one person and I thoroughly enjoyed the meal overall.


Other dishes included Saag (spinach curry), Dhal, Rice and Potatoes, and Naan Bread. These were all well cooked, flavoursome (but a little too spicy for me!) and again just the right size for one!


I think #Moms Good Home Cooking is a great concept and would be perfect for university students seeking home-cooked, delicious meals without the effort, skills or cost of having to cook something themselves at home. It’d also be great for those who just don’t have time to cook after a long day at work, allowing for a more relaxed and easy evening.

They’re planning to launch new menus in the future too including a Caribbean menu, which will feature dishes such as Jerk Chicken and Rice & Peas, and a British menu, featuring Creamy Tarragon Chicken and Kedgeree, soon as well so they’ll be something to suit every taste. Check out their Twitter page here for updates and more info.


Disclosure: I was invited by #MOMS Good Home Cooking to review their food delivery service, and all food was complimentary. But as always all opinions expressed are honest and my own, and I was not required to write a positive review


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