Happy 1st Birthday to My Blog

My blog turns 1 today! I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since I started my little foodie blog, and I really never expected it to come this far or even be successful at all! So I just wanted to say a huge, massive thank you to everyone who has ever taken the time to read, share, like or comment on my blog – especially to my Mum for sharing every single blog post I’ve ever written. It really does mean a lot to me, and it’s helped give me the confidence to keep writing and get where I am today!

I still love writing my blog now as much as I did when I first started it, if not more. My blog has given me a place to escape, and it’s also given me the confidence to…

  • Write – something I always loved doing when I was growing up, and have once again found my passion for.
  • Meet and introduce myself to new people, and make new friends in the blogging and foodie world.
  • Take up every opportunity that comes my way.
  • Try new foods, flavours and cuisines – long gone are the days of the girl who would only eat chips, sausages and tomato sauce sandwiches!!
  • Quit University – after two years and two attempts at two different courses, my blog finally gave me the push to follow my heart and leave university.
  • Realise what I want to do in the future as a career and set me down the right track.
  • Recover from an illness that affected me for almost 6 years – I started my blog with the intentions of it never being related to my illness, but looking back over the last year and where I am today it’s actually been the biggest thing that’s helped me to recover.

I’ve eaten out many, many times and drank many, many cocktails in the last year, and it’s allowed me to explore and fall in love with Birmingham.

My blogging highlights from the last year:

It’s been such an exciting year and I’ve been able to tick off most of the things on the ‘to do list’ from My Blog in 2014. Those I haven’t I’ll be carrying over to hopefully complete by this time next year, along with a 2015 Bucket List which I’ll be posting in the New Year… If you have any ideas or suggestions on things I could get up to on my blog in the next year or anyways I could improve my blog, please drop me a comment below or tweet me @taylahc25.


2 thoughts on “Happy 1st Birthday to My Blog

  1. Wow time flies! I still can’t believe you’ve only been blogging a year. Looking forward to seeing what 2015 brings. Add Sushi Time on Martineau Way your list! xx

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