November Round Up

1. Toffee Apple and Pecan Cake

I always forget how much I love baking until I make something and the baking bug hits again! This definitely happened with the Toffee Apple and Pecan Cake I made for Bonfire Night, and I can’t wait to make this delicious treat again soon.


 2. Fiesta Del Asado

I scored serious daughter points this month when I took my Dad along with me to review Fiesta Del Asado. Our steaks were amazing, and we both can’t wait to go back again soon!


3. Guest Blog for Ovenclean – Bonfire Night Recipes

It’s always lovely being recognised for your writing and then being asked to write a guest blog for someone. So when I was asked to do something on Bonfire Night Recipes for Ovenclean, I couldn’t wait to pull out one of my favourite recipes for it.


4. Stroganoff Meatballs with Tagliatelle

I’ve become a bit slack recently with creating and trying new recipes, so it was time to pull my finger out and try something new! Luckily this recipe was a success, resulting in a delicious pasta dish perfect for this season.


5. Alfie Birds

In a city brimming with restaurants and cocktail bars to choose from, it’s always nice when you find a real gem amongst the crowd! For me, Alfie Birds is one of them with it’s yummy pizzas, fab cocktails and fantastically chilled, easy atmosphere.

IMG_3345 IMG_3338

6. Happy 1st Birthday to My Blog

My blog turned 1 this month! And I spent some time looking back on the highlights from my first year in the blogging world.


I wanted to get a picture of me holding a cocktail/drink for this post, and quickly realised that this is pretty much every single photo there is of me on my blog! What can I say? I love a good cocktail!

7. Simpsons

After a year of food blogging , I finally visited my first ever Michelin Star restaurant this month! The food was truly outstanding, and I’m still dreaming of the fantastic tasting menu we had.


8. Product Review: Funkin Pina Colada Cocktail Kit

I love pina coladas! So winning this cocktail kit from Funkin and discovering that I could make pretty good pina coladas at home with it was definitely a great revelation.


9. Turtle Bay

I already knew that the cocktails at Turtle Bay were great, so it was about time that I found out how the food fared too. Sneak preview – I loved it!


What to Expect on My Blog in December:

December is set to involve lots of festive celebrations and I can’t wait to get even more into the Christmas spirit! Here’s what to look out for on my blog…


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