My Foodie Bucket List for 2015

Happy New Year to all my lovely readers! Last year I set myself a to do list for 2014 which featured all the restaurants, cocktail bars and foodie events I wanted to visit in Birmingham over the year. I managed to tick off a good chunk of them, but for 2015 I wanted to broaden my goals and create a more general foodie bucket list with 12 things that I’d like to achieve over the upcoming year!

  1. Visit a different city in the UK for a foodie weekend – Liverpool and Manchester have caught my eye already!
  2. Travel to New York and eat my way around the Big Apple
  3. Cook or bake one new recipe a week, including more vegetarian dishes and more cheesecake flavours
  4. Learn to make pasta, using my new pasta machine
  5. Learn to make homemade ice cream
  6. Invest in new cooking utensils and appliances
  7. Attend my first supper club
  8. Go to more restaurants outside of the city centre – like Moseley, Harborne, King’s Heath, Sutton, Edgbaston, etc
  9. Teach myself to like wine – maybe go on a wine tasting course or to a food and wine pairing experience
  10. Dine at one of Birmingham’s Michelin Star restaurants
  11. Afternoon tea in London
  12. Improve my food photography skills

9 thoughts on “My Foodie Bucket List for 2015

    • Thanks Hannah 🙂 There’s so many places I haven’t visited in the UK yet, so hoping to tick a few off and of course include lots of food and cocktails along the way 🙂

  1. Loki wines in Gt Western Arcade run wine tasting and its an amazing little place with super knowledgeable staff.

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