Moomba, Loughborough

This weekend I went back home to Loughborough to see my family, and we decided to head out for food yesterday evening. When the conversation turned to the most important part – where to go?! – Moomba was the first place that came into my head! This Australian restaurant has always been my go-to, and luckily my family love it just as much as I do too..

Before I get onto the (delicious!) food, the atmosphere and service deserve some airtime too for being just as great! I love the warm, welcoming atmosphere and the buzz of conversation, as everyone enjoys their food, and music that fills the venue. Whilst the service is always friendly and personable, with attentive staff who always strike up a conversation. Overall this makes the whole experience even more enjoyable as you feel so relaxed here.

My usual cocktail at Moomba is the Mangaroo (Smirnoff red vodka, Teichenne apple schnapps, mango, cranberry and fresh lime juice) which is fab and an old favourite of mine! But this time I thought I’d try something new and ordered the Mango and Passion Fruit Mojito which was just as fabulously fruity and refreshing.



I’ve eaten lots of amazing burgers since I started blogging, and I have to say Moomba’s Kangaroo Burger (in a Toasted Brioche Bun, topped with Bacon and Cheese and served with Chunky Chips) is up there with the best for me! A juicy, flavoursome burger with serious wow-factor.  I always, always order this when I dine here and with good reason – it’s fantastic! The addition of gooey cheese and crisp, smoky bacon just completed it. Although the brioche bun wasn’t as light as others I’ve had before, I still prefer it to the ciabatta rolls they used to serve the burger in. The chunky chips are delicious too as they’re just so light, fluffy and moreish!


I ordered a side of Coleslaw to go with my burger as well which was so fresh tasting and not too creamy, making it light and letting the ingredients shine through. Whilst the addition of raisins added a sweetness which just completed it.

My Mum and Dad also ordered the kangaroo burgers (it’s just too good to resist!), whilst my brother had the Citrus and Herb Chicken and my Nan had the Black Angus Grain Fed Bavette Steak – thumbs up all round for our delicious mains!


With such a tempting dessert menu, there was no way we wouldn’t all be ordering one.. And luckily they do mini versions of some of their options too for those of us who couldn’t fit in a full sized one. Although obviously I didn’t fall under this category with my huge appetite!

I went for the Wild Lime, Mango and Passion Fruit Mess – crisp, chewy meringue layered with wild lime curd cream, fresh passion fruit, mango sauce. Although I couldn’t taste the lime or passion fruit at all, the mango sauce was deliciously sweet and fruity. There was plenty of chewy, sweet meringue too, which balanced out the cream so it wasn’t too rich at all. Overall a light, tasty dessert which was perfect after my filling burger.


Other desserts enjoyed by my family included the Triple Chocolate Brownie – dark chocolate brownie with dark and white chocolate chunks, chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream – which was apparently utterly delicious and indulgent.


My chocolate-obsessed brother surprised us all by ordering something containing no chocolate at all and absolutely loving it, with the Strawberry and Coconut Lamington Cheesecake – baked vanilla cheesecake, strawberry swirl, coconut cookie base. Topped with strawberry sauce and toasted coconut. 



This was probably my 6th time dining at Moomba, and my most recent visit just reinforced why it’s my favourite, go-to restaurant when I’m back home. The service is so friendly and it has a great atmosphere too. Combining this with delicious food and cocktails, at pocket-friendly prices (£9 for a main and £5-6 for a cocktail!), it’s an all-round winner which I’ll keep going back to again and again!

Disclosure: We paid for our own food and cocktails, and all opinions expressed are honest and my own


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