Thai Street Food Supper Club

After reading fantastic reviews of Carole’s first Thai Supper Club in January, I jumped at the chance to go to her next one as soon as the date was released! So at the start of the month, me, Laura (from Full to the Brum), Jay and Dee (from Cook it eat it blog it Brum) and 6 other lovely foodie enthusiasts spent a Sunday afternoon at her Thai Street Food Supper Club feasting on lots of tasty dishes. A pretty good way to spend a Sunday if you ask me!

Following an introduction from Carole about her passion for Thai cooking and how she learnt to cook it, we enjoyed two tasty canapes that whet our appetite for what was to come next..


The first was my favourite dish of the day, Ma Hor – a pork, prawn and chicken served on little slices of pineapple. I loved the contrasting flavours and textures of the sweet pineapple with the rich, salty and meaty topping. It worked wonderfully, creating an absolutely delicious little bite to eat that blew me away!



The Neua Sawarn – a rump steak nibble made using coriander in its three forms – was next. The beef was tender and full of flavour as Carole had used the coriander root in the marinate, the dried seeds as a coating and then the fresh leaves garnish.


We were then showed to the dining room where Carole had beautifully decorated the table for us and we enjoyed a long, leisurely lunch feasting on a further five courses. Conversation flowed around the table as we discussed the fantastic dishes we were enjoying, our shared love of food and our favourite foodie places in Birmingham.


The first of our dishes around the table, Muu Satay – pork satay and peanut sauce -, was fantastic! Plenty of tender pork skewers were passed around the table (I enjoyed about 5 or 6 in the end!) to dip into our individual spoons of the nutty, delicious satay sauce Carole had made. For me it had just the right amount of spice too, adding flavour and a nice heat to it without being overpowering.



My second favourite dish came later too with the Pork Hok Parlow – a street soup made with pork belly and egg, rich with star anise. The pork broth was absolutely delicious and so full of flavour! It was packed with plenty of tender pork and a creamy egg too which just completed this little bowl of heaven.


Other dishes we enjoyed included Prawn Pandanus (hand chopped delicately flavoured prawn and pork wrapped in pandanus leaf parcels and steamed), which came with a traditional vinegar dip, and Chicken Kow Soi Noodles.



For dessert we tucked into Sticky Rice and Mango. This isn’t normally my sort of dessert at all so I was a little dubious, but it was just so yummy and moreish! The creamy, tasty sticky rice was coated in plenty of fresh coconut milk and it went beautifully with the sweet slices of  mango. A perfect end to a delicious lunch!



This was the first supper club I’ve ever been to and I loved it! It was a real treat to join Carole in her home and enjoy the food she is so passionate about, and talented at, cooking with fellow food lovers. The food was all delicious and beautifully prepared, and it was great getting the chance to discover some new Thai dishes that I’d never tried before. We certainly got our money’s worth as well, as at only £32 we got to feast on lots of dishes!

Make sure you follow Carole on Twitter for dates and details of her next supper club. And also buy one of her No Ping No Bling guide’s for only £9.99 which showcases Birmingham’s unsung food heroes – I’m  absolutely delighted that my blog has been featured in it too!

Disclosure: We paid for our own tickets to Carole’s supper club, and  all  opinions expressed are honest and my own


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