Product Review: The Cheese Market

When The Cheese Market contacted me and asked if I’d like to review some of their cheeses, giving me the option to choose from any of their 70+ cheeses, it was music to my food-loving ears! They specialise in artisan cheeses made by specialist producers, offering some truly unique, interesting and tempting sounding cheeses.

When they arrived I felt like a lot of care and attention had been put into making the parcel look attractive and personal. The cheeses sat on a straw bed, with ice packs to keep them cool and fresh, in a wooden box and came complete with a packet of biscuits to enjoy them with..


So on Saturday night, me and my Mum enjoyed a feast of cheese, crackers and biscuits!



First we tried the Vintage Lancashire Bomb; I opted for this handmade, 36 month-matured Lancashire cheese after my Mum told me how much she loved Lancashire cheese. After some difficulty opening it, we devoured a huge chunk of this tasty cheese! It had a strong, mature flavour which a nutty background, and whilst it was rich it wasn’t overpowering at all and we easily ate our way through this one. I loved the creamy, velvety texture it had too, making it indulgently moreish.


Whilst we enjoyed it on some crackers this time making for a perfect treat, I think it’d be great crumbled onto a butternut squash risotto too.


Next up was Finn, a soft cows milk cheese which is the only British cheese made with triple cream! Whilst my Mum didn’t like Finn at all, I quite enjoyed the creamy texture it had. However compared to the Lancashire Bomb the flavour was quite mild, and whilst the online description says it takes on mushroom and walnut notes when it matures I couldn’t taste these flavours.



For their full range of cheeses head to their website here.


The Cheese Market offer excellent quality, interesting cheeses that are perfect if you want to treat yourself to a night in of cheese and wine! Or if you just love cheese! Whilst they are more expensive than your standard (boring!) cheddar from the supermarket, with the Lancashire Bomb priced at £6.99 and Finn at £6.20, you’re paying for a higher quality, decent sized product that matches the price tag. Buy them online in individual portions, as cheese boards, or in hampers which are perfect for gifts.

Disclosure: Both cheeses were complimentary and I was sent them for the purpose of the review. However, I was not required to write a positive review and I was given the freedom to review them any way I wished to (by themselves, with crackers or in a recipe!). As always all opinions are honest and my own


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