Nomad Memory Competition

Nomad is the latest venture from chef Alex Claridge. And it’s sure created a lot of excitement in the foodie world with the promise of delicious food centered around nature, memory and place. Diners can enjoy their first taste at Nomad’s pop-up restaurant opening on 3rd April at Kitchen Garden Cafe in Kings Heath. Choose from around 5 or 11 courses, priced at around £32 and £45 respectively, with sample menus including delights such as Filthy Duck Wings which I personally can’t wait to try! Bookings for tables at Nomad in April are now being taken, with limited tables remaining – book at

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No Rules – the naughty sibling to Nomad – was released this week too! It’s promised to be exciting and unexpected, with Alex and his team cooking whatever they want, however they want, where ever they want. The lucky diners who managed to snap up a ticket for the April and May dates (before they sold out in just a few hours!) will be asked to turn up with an open mind to try the unannounced menu and then pay what they want.

And the only way to get tickets at No Rules in June is to either be booked in to Nomad at Kitchen Garden Cafe in April, or to enter the exciting competition I’m about to tell you about…

Memory Competition:

Nomad want to create a unique event that’s driven by memories from you. They’re inviting readers to contribute important memories of food (or drink!) that take them back to a time and a place that matters. For me, one of my fondest memories is eating stacks of yummy pancakes with lemon and sugar at my Nan’s house as a child. And every time I eat, smell or think about pancakes it takes me back to this…

So what’s your favourite memory of food? You can share as much, or as little, detail as you want. Nomad will pick a selection of your memories and invite the people sharing them to a series of no rules events driven and inspired by your input in May.

To enter email your food or drink memory to Competition closes on the 30th April.


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