La Tasca

Last week I was invited to review the newly opened La Tasca at the Barclaycard Arena. My first visit to La Tasca had also been with my Mum to their former Birmingham branch for my 18th Birthday almost 3 years ago! So it certainly took me back a little and I was excited to revisit having always had great meals at this Spanish restaurant..

Set on the canal, La Tasca has a nice spacious outdoor area which is perfect for customers to enjoy tapas and sangria in the sunshine. Stepping inside, the restaurant has been fitted out with modern, bright furniture and wall art, given it a contemporary and relaxed vibe.


It had a chilled, easy feel to it too and along with the friendly, attentive staff it was inviting and easy to feel comfortable here. We came into contact with most of the front of house and waiting staff during our visit, all of which were enthusiastic and chatty and knew the menu inside out.


Whilst we browsed their extensive menu, trying to pick between the vast variety of meat, fish and vegetarian dishes on offer, we enjoyed a jug of Sangria. It was so refreshing and went down far too easily as we made our way through it. However if you’re not a fan of sangria, other drinks on offer include wine and cocktails too.



We started with their special of the day, Garlic Bread with Goat’s Cheese and Caramelised Onions, which was absolutely delicious! The light, crispy bread was topped with plenty of sweet, sticky onions and slightly melted, gooey cheese, and they’d got the balance between these perfect.


In next to no time we had devoured the garlic bread and our tapas dishes arrived… They recommend 6 plates to share between 2 people and we found that this was plenty to leave us happily full.


Our favourite tapas dish had to be the Croquetas de Pollo. They were amazing and we almost had to fight for the last one! They had a nice crunchy coating which contrasted with the creamy, flavoursome chicken filling perfectly. Dipped into the garlic mayo, it was a deliciously moreish dish.


Coming in at close second’s were the Albóndigas – Large Pork Meatballs in a Rich, Slow-Cooked Tomato Sauce – and Pollo Marbella – Chicken Breast Cooked with Chorizo in a White Wine and Cream Sauce. The albondigas were meaty and well-seasoned, and the tomato sauce was rich, herby and really tasty. Whilst the Pollo Marbella was equally fantastic and full of flavour with the juices from the slightly spicy chorizo oozing into the light, creamy sauce and coating the succulent pieces of chicken.



The Patatas Bravas con Alioli – Fried Potato, with Spicy Tomato Sauce and Roasted Garlic Mayonnaise – were a great version of this classic tapas dish, although could have been a little crispier.


Whilst the Festival of Mushrooms were wonderfully garlicky and, along with the House Salad, a lovely veggie dish to compliment the meatier plates.


Although I was less of a fan of the Dos Tortilla Espanola – Two Different Spanish Omelettes, one traditional and one with Piquillo Peppers – finding them a little underwhelming in comparison to the other plates, overall the food was fantastic and I’ll definitely be picking all of the other dishes again when I revisit.


For dessert we both ordered the Churros y Pastel De Queso con Caramelo – A Rich and Indulgent Cheesecake Layered with Crisp Churros and Toffee Sauce. The cheesecake was delicious and creamy, but also quite light making it a great dessert after our tapas feast. I loved the addition of the churros within it too, adding extra texture, and the layer of sweet toffee sauce too. A great cheesecake that I’ll definitely order again!



We had an amazing meal at La Tasca! We really loved our experience there and haven’t stopped talking about it since…we’ll definitely be revisiting very soon!

I highly recommend La Tasca next time you’re dining out in Birmingham. It’s location makes it perfect for a meal before a show at the Barclaycard Arena (I’ve already booked a table here for a show I’m seeing later in the year!). And I’ll definitely be returning soon with friends and family as it’s great for a relaxed meal sharing tapas and jugs of sangria.

Disclosure: I was invited to review La Tasca and all food and drinks were complimentary. However I was not required to write a positive review, and all opinions are honest and my own


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